Accuracy International AXMC .338 Lapua for sale

FOR SALE AXMC Rifle /Barrels /Conversion Kit/Magazines etc

Unrivalled Accuracy and in very good condition  

This rifle will put three bullets through the same hole in every calibre. 
* The 6.5 barrel is superb with Hornady and S&B factory ammunition. 
* The 308/7.62 barrel is phenomenal. It shoots 175 TMK ammunition so tightly that you think you have missed the target. 
* the 338 Barrel will cloverleaf using 300 grain SMK and shoots a 20 inch plate at a mile. 
* This rifle will consistently hit your chosen target at the mile. 
* Full dope cards for each barrel and recommendations for best ammunition. 
* This rifle is capable of shooting 2000 yards. 

All the barrels have enormous amounts of life left in them.  This is a rifle system that I perfected over the past year, it is mind-blowing in its ability. I am selling for personal reasons, and for that reason it is priced to sell. 

1 x 338 lapua rifle.    £3850.00


* 2x Accuracy international Magazines.

This rifle has fired around 1000 rounds, which is 20% of the life of the barrel. The barrel has recently been inspected by a gunsmith with a borescope and is in very good condition.

1 x Fortmeier - Over the Top Bipod £ 192.00

Including tripod Adaptor

1 x 308/7.62mm AI  conversion kit £1320.00


* 7.62/308 Bolt

* 2 Magazines

* Magazine adaptor

* 7.62/308 dedicated Accuracy International Sassen barrel

* Accuracy international muzzle brake

This has had approximately 1000 rounds fired through it, which is 15% of its life.

1 x 6.5 Creedmoor Precision barrel  £770


* Accuracy international muzzle brake

Made by Dave Wylde. Valkerie Arms  This has had approximately 600 rounds fired through it.

2 x Dolphin Guns Muzzle brakes £220

I had these made specifically for the 7.62 and 338 barrels. They are superb game changers. They reduce recoil dramatically. The 7.62 feels like a .223 and the 338 feels like a 7.62. Both are self timing and can be removed in seconds and replaced with a moderator.




Please feel free to ask questions.

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