LMT 308  for sale



16’ 7.62/308 Barrel (900 rounds fired)

18.5’ 6.5mm creedmore barrel (60 rounds fired)

Geissele trigger

Flash hider

Muzzle brake

Thread protector

Four 20 round magazines

Three 10 round mags

UBR stock

Total £3650

Optional Extras:

Primary Arms 2.5-10 scope & Mount (£900),

Hausken 5/8x24 moderator (£350).


Set up for CSR with the short (16”) 7.62 barrel and is pinpoint accurate out to 650 yards. It cycles extremely smoothly with GGG 147 milsurp ammo for days of CSR. (imperial). The 308 barrel is most accurate with 168 grain Sierra or 175 grain Sierra ammunition. It’s easy to handle with the muzzle brake cutting the recoil dramatically. 

By simply removing two bolts, you can fit the 6.5 barrel in seconds, turning it into a precision rifle that can hit Figure 14 targets at 1000 yards. The 6.5 barrel is phenomenally accurate to 1000 yards with Hornady 140 grain ammunition. It cycles perfectly with hornady and handloads. It does not like S&B cheap ammo.


Contact Raf@kayakpemba.com

07736 872259

RFD to RFD Transfer included.