The world's most exciting postal shoot!


Trans Continental Shooting is the worldwide portal of the ENFIELD LOBAL POSTAL SHOOT.  At the time of writing the following clubs and groups were involved. The Lee Enfield Rifle Association, (UK),  The Lee Enfield Rifle Association of South Africa (RSA), The Hill End Rifle Club (AUS), The Committee Rifle shooters group (UK) and soon to be formed, The Lee Enfield Rifle Association of Australia. (AUS).

Mick Kelly, our .303 officianado shoots at the NRA historic service rifle competition. 

The Trans Continental Global Postal Shoot  started with Raf being invited to Australia by Graham Murgatroyd to shoot 303’s. Raf  practiced, got my FAC and then flew to Australia, borrowed an SMLE and shot their Anzac Competition. (15 rounds at 300 and 15 rounds at 700 with two sighters). 

Raf wanted to continue to shoot with the Hill End Rifle Club some more. As a member of the club, he  was welcome to shoot, but unable to fly to Australia every month. So Graham hatched a plan. Raf joined the NRA (the original British one) and shot 300/600 and the scores were  posted in Australia on  blackboard at the next shoot. Soon we had 3 other shooters joining and then some more. We had a mini global match going between us.


As I was also a member of the British Lee Enfield Rifle Association, I approached the then secretary, Paul Quilliam and asked him to bring LERA into the shoot. He said that he already had a global postal shoot with some club in Australia, but the Aussies had stopped shooting it. 


We then took the LERA global postal shoot and adapted it to make it the ENFIELD GLOBAL POSTAL SHOOT. This is now the international benchmark historic service rifle shoot using .303 Lee Enfields.  This very simple competition has appealed to people around the world who have short ranges.


Under the guidance of Blair Drummond, this shoot has morphed from a 200 yard shoot  



Transcontinental Shooting / LERA (Aus)

This is a 200yard Historic Service Rifle Shoot for Enfield Rifles. Other historic service rifles may be used in the “all comers” class. The rifles used must be recorded with the scores of the shooter.
Course of fire:
The competition will have three practices, all shot at 200 yards.
Practice 1 Standing Slowfire (Deliberate) FIGURE 11
2 sighters and 10 shots to count.  The target is a Figure 11 (Which may be on a screen or free standing) with a central 8 inch band running vertically on the target.
Central Band :      5 
Outer Figure 11:   4 
Hit on the screen: 2.
HPS 50
The two sighters may be taken prone and will be individually marked 
(The sighters do not count towards the total score and cannot be substituted) 
The 10 scoring shots will be marked at the end of the practice.
Practice 2 Kneeling Snap FIGURE 12
1 Eye opener (visual exposure) followed by 10 exposures of 3 seconds. 
One shot to be fired at each exposure.  
Central Band :      5 
Outer Figure 12:   4 HPS 50
10 scoring shots will be marked at the end of the practice.
Practice 3 Prone, Rapid Fire (Mad 45)
Firers will adopt the standing alert position, rifles loaded with 10 rounds, made ready with safety catches applied. On appearance of the target, firers are to adopt the prone, release safety catches and engage each exposure with 10  rounds.
Central Band :      5 
Outer Figure 11:   4 
Hits on the screen do not count.
HPS 50
10 scoring shots will be marked at the end of the practice.

Scores are to be emailed to:  And 
Classification of shooting classes
CLASSIC  - SMLE/MLE or any Enfield .303 designed before 1919 
VETERAN – No4 No5 P14 or any Enfield .303 designed after 1919
ENFIELD OPTIC- N04 T sniper rifle or SMLE Sniper Rifle. (Max 4.5 power scope)
ALL COMERS: Any Enfield Service rifle manufactured after1946 and before 1955
Any bolt action/straight pull Historic Service rifle manufactured before 1946.

Note on clothing:

Tight Shooting jackets, shooting gloves, shooting hats with one eye closed are not allowed.
British Army Sniper Smocks are permitted. 
Slings must be as issued to that class of rifle. Eg: a sniper sling may be used on a no4T sniper rifle, but may not be used on a no4.
The decision to waive the above rules on attire lies at the discretion of the range officer of the day.