Imagine shooting against and with the most presitgious (and yet very down to earth) historic rifle clubs in the world.

Trans Continental Shooting is the worldwide portal of the LERA SMLE GLOBAL POSTAL SHOOT.  At the time of writing the following clubs and groups were involved. The Lee Enfield Rifle Association, (UK),  The Lee Enfield Rifle Association of South Africa (RSA), The Hill End Rifle Club (AUS), The Committee Rifle shooters group (UK) and soon to be formed, The Lee Enfield Rifle Association of Australia. (AUS).


The Trans Continental Global Postal Shoot  started with my being invited to Australia by Graham Murgatroyd to shoot 303’s. I practiced, got my FAC and then flew to Australia, borrowed an SMLE and shot their Anzac Competition. (15 rounds at 300 and 15 rounds at 700 with two sighters). 

As I was about to leave, I wanted to shoot with the Hill End Rifle Club some more. As a member of the club, I was welcome to shoot, but unable to fly to Australia every month. So Graham and I hatched a plan, I joined the NRA (the original British one) and shot 300/600 and they posted the scored in Australia on  blackboard at the next shoot. Soon I had 3 other shooters joining me and then some more. We had a mini global match going between us.


As I was also a member of the British Lee Enfield Rifle Association, I approached the then secretary, Paul Quilliam and asked him to bring LERA into the shoot. He said that he already had a global postal shoot with some club in Australia, but the Aussies had stopped shooting it. 


We then took the LERA global postal shoot and adopted it around the world. 

This is a very simple competition and appealed to people around the world who had small ranges. So we dropped the long range Anzac Shoot and stuck to the LERA SMLE GLOBAL POSTAL 



The Lee Enfield 303 is what we are really about. This is how Trans Continental Shooting started and we take great pride in our competitions and scores. We strongly encourage Lee Enfield Shooters from around the world to try and take part in our 303 shoots at 300 and 600(700 in Australia) yards.

For those who cannot manage these ranges- we have the 200 yard competition below.  

Please bear in mind, that you- the global shooters have 30 days to shoot from the date below.

Please inform us of when you intend to shoot, we will send you an entry form- and then  post your results and pictures.

Please also bear in mind, that if you have a 303 shoot that you think might be interesting, we are happy to shoot it too, and compete against you.




Shoot is open to all comers from around the globe.


For the SMLE GLOBAL POSTAL SHOOT we use the UK LERA Figure 11 coloured targets.




For further information please contact

UK Farhat:   raf@kayakpemba.com 

AUS Graham triggermurgatroyd@gmail.com

UK Mick Kelly- Through our Facebook group