ANZAC .303 Competition



This competition is an excellent test of the metal of the Lee Enfield Marksman. The competition is shot at 300 and 600 yards. (700 at hill end as they dont like the ants). There are two strings of 15 rounds, fired one after the other with no more than 45 seconds to shoot after the exposure of the target. There are classes that allow for battle rifles (as issued) and target sighted Lee Enfields. The shoot is designed to test the marksman to the core of his ability, firing prone unsupported. Members of the Target Rifle (TR) community are very welcome to join, as long as they use a .303. In Australia, .303' are available at the Hill End Rifle Club and in the UK, NRA members can rent a .303 at Bisley camp. 



Shoot is open to all comers from around the globe.

You will however need to have access to a .303 rifle and a range. We shoot at three distances for now:

1. Global Postal Shoot, 200 yards . (we do this often to allow as many shooters as possible to take part). 

2. 300 yards and 600 yards long. This is our standard shooting distance for the Anzac shoot and we hope to do this at least three times a year, using standard British NRA targets. 

3. 600 yards and 1000 yards. This is a real challenge for the few who wish to take the .303 to its operational envelope. It is designed to bring out the best in all of us.


Shooters in Australia potential shooters who wish to attend the HILL END RIFLE CLUB should contact Mr Kates or Mr Murgatroyd below.

Shooters may use private land if the distances are correct and if allowed by local laws.

British Shooters who are NRA members and hold a shooters certification card, are invited to join us at Bisley. We go often.

British Clubs who wish to take part can simply email us for a course of fire and entry form; shoot and report. There is no charge nor will there ever be.

Email raf@kayakpemba for details.

Please note:

a. The ranges are measured in YARDS.

b.Shoots will generally always be15 rounds at 300 yards with two optional sighters.

You must compete at both core distances to score.



There are two classes to enter:  BATTLE and TARGET. 

The only difference being the rear sights and the use of jackets and slings.

The same firearm must be used during all stages of the shoot.


All ammunition to be either 174 grain PPU FMJ or British Mark VII or similar 174 grain FMJ. Hand-loaded ammunition is permitted but you are trusted to load it to Mark VII velocity. (174 grain), or 180 grain Sellier and Bellot. 



All competitors are expected to help with the marking and scoring of targets on their respective ranges. (unless otherwise deemed by the RCO in their country).

A time limit of 43 seconds per shot from the time the target appears will apply.

Where a shooter is shooting with a friend on private land, and the target remains up for the entire shoot, the no 2 should call “Targets up” “Targets down” at the appropriate times.



Any military bolt action rifle in .303 British calibre fitted with iron sights. (Front sight must be an un-shaded standard blade.)

NOTE: The rear sight may be as issued, or parker hale type target sight. There are two classes and the rifleman competitor must declare what he is using.

Slings on as-issued battle rifle. BUT must be issue. Length of sling may be altered.

Specialised shooting jackets within reason. (only for the target class)

Slouch hats, Akubras, and other hats

Shooting mats, groundsheets.

Recoil pads, (including built into the butt).

Basic gun-smithing to accurize the rifle to be allowed. But these must be the type of modifications that a service armourer or gunshop such as Fultons would do. 



Aftermarket slings.

Shooting jackets on the battle class.

Hooded foresights. (any foresight that is not standard blade)

Plastic furniture for the rifle

Hooded peaked caps, shooting mitts or gloves, blinds.

Telescopic sights, eagle eyes and diopters.

Bench rests (unless a handicapped shooter)

Bipods, sand bags any form of rest including clods of earth and trees



We have 30 days to shoot from the competition date:

Extensions to those abroad extended to 60 days upon application to the unofficial comrade leaders.



Please follow the NRA UK target sizes as below for 300 and 600 yards. 






Ian: email: