Trans Continental Shooting, the global home of the Lee Enfield .303

While the Lee Enfield 303 is over 100 years old, we find that this historic old lady brings more young people together than any new spaceship of a rifle. The Lee Enfield is the ultimate affordable target rifle and yet it is also a worthy service rifle. The Lee Enfield is affordable, historic, gains value and yet cycles faster than any other bolt action Rifle.



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This is a bit disingenous, as none of this would have happened without Graham Murgatroydand  Ian Kates . They are the driving force behind the idea of the Trans Continental Competition in Australia. They are not so much our men there- we are their men here. Graham was an executive chef and then built up a reputation for turning businesses around. He has worked for various local governments; but has now found his true niche as an artist-and art therapist. He helps bring peace to troubled souls through art. 

Unusually for an artist, in his spare time Graham spends his time on the ranges at hill end and batemans bay. Here he proves himself to be a crack shot with the Lee Enfield .303 (and other calibres).

Coming soon will be the online gift shop - where riflemen from around the world can buy transcontinental T shirts / Tie pins / Stripper clips and many other fun items. Watch this space.



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For those enthusiastic riflemen or potential riflemen in Australia, there is a wonderful opportunity to shoot on a real bush range at Hill End, NSW. 

The HILL END RIFLE CLUB touts itself as the Home of the .303. Indeed someone has daubed that on their shackleton hut in neat black paint. 

If you would like to shoot .303's in Australia please contact Graham or Ian using the contact form on this page and ask about how to become a member. The HERC particlularly welcomes new young members.

The HERC has shoots 6 times a year at minimum, but it is well worth the trek from Queensland or West Australia to shoot .303 even once a year at the annual Anzac Weekend shoot. 



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Shooting in Australia is more than just pulling a trigger. Its about living in the bush for a few days, knowing about bush life and dangers and sitting around the fire with coffee and no 3G internet connection. But this is no "boys own" activity. 

Trans continental Shooting encourages the youth of the free world to get out there and spend time in the natural environment. To learn how to live without the mobile phone and under canvas. 

And then of course to learn how to shoot straight with a .303 Lee Enfield.



(and a century later this in turn led to the creation of Trans Continental Shooting)



Today the Hill End Rifle Club has become a dynamic multi cultural club with shooting competitions in various calibres. The membership are drawn from around NSW and bordering states, and the UK.