There are quite a few locations to conduct long range technical shooting in the United Kingdom, but one of the very best has to be Orion Firearms Training.  The shooters of Trans continental Shooting often come to Orion to try more dynamic shooting, (down onto water and up onto hill sides) Whatever your preferred discipline, Professionals, Stalkers, Target shooters or new to shooting, this is the place to train.

Orion have a 5000 acre rifle range facility which is discreetly located in the Welsh Cambrian Mountains. Here you can use anything from from .22 rimfire to .50 calibre from 50 to 2000metres

Orion Firearms Training  use a variety of steel reactive and explosive targets. Shooting steel gives instant feedback - (Ahem except at 1200 yards plus, it takes a while to hear the ping of the round). Regardless,the learning curve is steep and you'll be amazed how quickly you will learn to read the wind, and ballistic curve of your chosen calibre

Whether you are a maritime security officer in training, a hunter or simply someone who likes to shoot Metal plates at 50-2000 yards, then this is the place for you. 

Contact Orion Directly  +44 1686 412113 info@orionfirearmstraining.co.uk     

(Please not that this is an independant business- and not part of transcontinental shooting)