Improving your Shooting

A few pointers to where to start your training and where to continue it.

Starting Shooting in the United Kingdom

In the United Kingdom if you want to get into shooting, you need to find a good rifle club. Almost every town in Great Britain has a rifle club. Many are small bore only, but 1200 of them are NRA affiliated and Home Office approved. Shooting is a major sport in the United Kingdom, and has many disciplines.

For a full list or the most comprehensive information on sport shooting in Britain, check out the NRA website. Please note the National Rifle Association is a British Institution, and its existence precedes the newer, less famous american organisation with the same name. Within the NRA, you also choose to apply to join a bisley based club such as the Lee Enfield Rifle Association.   (we thoroughly reccomend this).

You become  a probabtionary member after some checks. You then recieve safety training over a period of months. When the club membership secretary is convinced of your safe shooting and that you are and upstanding person, you may be invited to become a full member.

At this time, or soon after, you should be issued your "Shooters Certification Card" and be able to shoot safely on Ministry of Defence ranges without supervision. This entire process too the author 18 months of shooting and visits to his club.


In Depth Shooting Training

Now you think you know it all- but the reality is that now, you will probably start to learn. There are plenty of old riflemen out there who can give you advice; but your best bet is to take a few lessons with a competent instructor. 

This is often provided within your club, especially if you have a seriously competetive club. But some rifle clubs in the UK are more friendly and less formally educative. You have the choice of finding someone within the club who will help, or you can pay a professional instructor for information and education. 

There are also places and people where you can hone your skills here are a few useful links:

Andrew Venables:
Hunting, Long Range shooting, dynamic shooting

Tim Davies:
Basic instruction, principles of marksmanship, long range shooting

Richard Utting:
Ballistics and Understanding your rifle, principles of marksmanship




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